I offer a wide range of textile-related services. Read below to learn more!

Lectures & Workshops

I have given presentations, lectures, and workshops at museums and institutions including the American Quilt Study Group, and the May Museum & Park in Farmville, NC. I am available to give customized lectures and talks to a variety of audiences on topics including Alamance Plaids, the history of quilting in North Carolina, how to wet clean antique textiles, and more!

Conservation & Restoration

Leveraging my training at the Smithsonian Institution, Cooperstown Textile School, NC State College of Textiles and more, I specialize in American Civil War era fabrics, flags, and military uniforms, as well as quilts dating from the 1700s to present. I offer a wide range of museum-quality conservation and restoration services including but not limited to:
• Fiber Analysis
• Fabric Dating
• Stabilization
• Exhibit Mount Construction
• Storage Consultation
All services are quoted at a flat project rate prior to commencement of work. I am also available for ad hoc consultations related to your vintage or antique textiles at an hourly rate. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs, please send me a brief overview of your item(s) and what you're looking for!
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